Server Management & Administration Services

Our professional system admins will help you manage your server with 99.9% uptime. Our 24/7 monitoring service will alert if anything goes wrong on your server. Following are the services included with server management & administration.

Web Server Optimization

Optimization of web server for faster response to the incoming requests and to handle heavy incoming traffic without effecting speed.

MySQL Optimization

Optimization of MySQL server to process queries faster without slowing down the server. Trace/fix slow queries.

Security Enhancements

Installation/Configuration of firewall softwares on the server to make the server secure.

Addons Installation

Installation of requested addons/modules from 3rd party sources, includes configuration as well.

Realtime Virus Scanner

Scanning of virus/malwares/malicious scripts uploaded on the server in realtime.

24/7 Monitoring

Monitoring servers 24/7 with our powerful web sites/servers monitoring tool especially developed for server management clients.