Server Management & Administration Services

Optimization, Monitoring, Backups & Maintenance


At Websterz Web Solution, we offer comprehensive server management and maintenance services designed to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of your business servers. Our dedicated team of professionals specializes in server administration, monitoring, and troubleshooting, enabling you to focus on your core business activities while we handle the technical aspects.

Why Choose Our Server Management Services?

When it comes to managing and maintaining your servers, choosing a reliable service provider is crucial. Here’s why you should trust Websterz Web Solution:

  • Experience and Expertise: With years of experience in server management, our team possesses extensive knowledge of diverse server environments and configurations.

  • Proactive Approach: We adopt a proactive approach to server management, identifying and resolving issues before they impact your business operations.

  • Customized Solutions: Our services are tailored to meet your specific needs, ensuring optimal performance and scalability for your servers.

  • Security and Data Protection: We prioritize the security of your servers and employ robust measures to safeguard your valuable data from potential threats.

  • Reliable Support: Our dedicated support team is available round the clock to address any server-related concerns promptly and efficiently.

Our Server Management and Maintenance Solutions

Our server management and maintenance solutions encompass a wide range of services, including:

  • Server Configuration and Optimization: We configure and optimize your servers to ensure maximum performance and efficiency.

  • Regular Updates and Patching: We apply the latest updates and security patches to keep your servers up-to-date and protected against vulnerabilities.

  • Performance Monitoring: Our team constantly monitors server performance, identifying and addressing any bottlenecks or issues that may affect performance.

  • Backup and Disaster Recovery: We implement robust backup and disaster recovery solutions to safeguard your critical data and minimize downtime.

  • Security Audits and Hardening: Our experts perform regular security audits and implement necessary hardening measures to fortify your server against cyber threats.

Benefits of Professional Server Maintenance Services

By availing our professional server maintenance services, you can enjoy numerous benefits, including:

  • Enhanced Performance: Our optimization techniques and proactive monitoring ensure optimal server performance, improving overall system efficiency.

  • Increased Reliability: Regular maintenance reduces the risk of unexpected server failures, ensuring uninterrupted access to your applications and services.

  • Improved Security: Our comprehensive security measures protect your servers against malicious attacks, minimizing the potential for data breaches or unauthorized access.

  • Cost Savings: By outsourcing server management, you can avoid the expenses associated with hiring and training in-house IT staff.

  • Peace of Mind: With our expert team taking care of your server operations, you can focus on core business activities, knowing that your servers are in capable hands.

Our Expert Team of Server Management Professionals

At Websterz Web Solution, we pride ourselves on our team of highly skilled server management professionals. Our experts possess in-depth knowledge and certifications across various server platforms and technologies, ensuring comprehensive support for your specific requirements. With their expertise, you can trust that your servers are in safe hands.

Secure and Reliable Server Operations

We understand the importance of server security and reliability for your business. Our team implements industry best practices and follows strict protocols to ensure the security and stability of your servers. From implementing robust access controls to regularly updating security patches, we go the extra mile to safeguard your server infrastructure.

Streamlined Server Maintenance Processes

Our server maintenance processes are designed to minimize disruptions and optimize efficiency. We follow structured procedures for updates, patching, and regular maintenance, ensuring that your servers remain up-to-date, secure, and perform at their best without impacting your business operations.

Advanced Tools and Technologies for Server Management

Equipped with cutting-edge tools and technologies, we leverage the latest advancements in server management to provide superior services. Our team stays updated with emerging trends and implements innovative solutions to streamline server operations, enhance performance, and improve overall reliability.

Flexible and Scalable Server Solutions

We understand that every business has unique requirements. That’s why our server management solutions are flexible and scalable to accommodate your evolving needs. Whether you require support for a single server or an extensive server infrastructure, we have the expertise and resources to tailor our services accordingly.

Proactive Monitoring and Troubleshooting

Our proactive monitoring ensures that any potential issues are identified and resolved before they impact your server’s performance. With real-time monitoring and 24/7 support, we can promptly address any server-related concerns and provide swift troubleshooting, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum uptime for your business.

Choose Websterz Web Solution for Reliable Server Management and Maintenance Services

When it comes to server management and maintenance, trust Websterz Web Solution for reliable, efficient, and secure solutions. With our experienced team and comprehensive services, we ensure the smooth operation of your servers, allowing you to focus on your core business goals. Contact us today to discuss your server management requirements and experience the difference our services can make.

Servers Management

Our experts have full command on management of the servers including below tech stacks:

Web Server Optimization

Optimization of web server for faster response to the incoming requests and to handle heavy incoming traffic without effecting speed. Our optimization service includes Apache, Litespeed, nGinx and Varnish servers. We optimize your web server for best performance, heavy load handling, web site caching and better security. Our administrators are always available to install and configure any module as per your request.

MySQL Optimization

Our server management package includes optimization of MySQL server to process queries faster without slowing down the server. Trace/fix slow queries 24/7 x 365. Our automatic monitoring system always keeps monitoring your MySQL database server and sends us an instant alert in case of status change.

Server Security

We provide server security optimization services, We have expertise in following security tools and plugins: ConfigServer Firewall, Maldet Scanner, Rootkit Hunters, Anti-DDOS configuration, Accounts Isolation, CloudLinux, ConfigServer Exploit Scanner, IPtables Optimization, APF Optimization, ModSecurity Optimization, ClamAV etc. We also offer web sites security improvements for WordPress CMS.

Addons/Plugins Installation

Our server management package offers free installation of addons and plugins on your server such as Apache modules, PHP libraries, MySQL plugins etc. Just place a request, we will do it for you.

24/7 Monitoring

Our custom developed monitoring system keeps monitoring your web sites, IPs, Ports and services 24/7×365 days. Our server management packages offer 24/7 support and our technical staff is always ready to fix any issue occurred.


A main concern for server security is regular backups. Your data is always at risk in the event of hard disk crash/failure or server crash. We cover it by configuring local and remote backups. Our backup solution stores your data to remote servers on daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Server Software Maintenance

Server softwares require regular maintenance manually or automatically. Our experts are responsible for upgradation of server modules, kernel and other libraries or addons. 

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