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Buy SSL Certificate and you can rely on strong security to protect your customers from any kind of information theft. All communication between you and your site visitors will be fully safeguarded and encrypted end to end.

Comprehensive SSL Certificate Services

At Websterz Web Solution, we offer comprehensive SSL certificate services to ensure the security and integrity of your website. Our team of experts specializes in providing reliable SSL solutions, helping you establish a secure connection and encrypt data transmitted between your website and visitors.

Why Choose Our SSL Certificate Solutions?

When it comes to securing your website and gaining the trust of your visitors, choosing a trusted service provider is essential. Here’s why you should trust Websterz Web Solution:

  • Expertise and Experience: Our team has extensive experience in SSL certificate installation and configuration across various platforms and hosting environments.

  • Wide Range of SSL Certificates: We offer a diverse range of SSL certificates, including Domain Validated (DV), Organization Validated (OV), and Extended Validation (EV) certificates, catering to different security needs.

  • Enhanced Security Measures: Our SSL certificates utilize strong encryption algorithms to protect sensitive data, ensuring secure communication between your website and users.

  • Increased Visitor Trust: With a valid SSL certificate, your website displays the padlock symbol and HTTPS in the address bar, indicating a secure connection, which builds trust among your visitors.

  • Improved Search Engine Rankings: SSL certificates are now a ranking factor in search engine algorithms. Implementing an SSL certificate can positively impact your website’s SEO performance.

The Importance of SSL Certificates for Website Security

SSL certificates play a crucial role in website security by encrypting data transmitted between users and your website. By encrypting sensitive information such as login credentials, financial transactions, and personal data, SSL certificates protect against eavesdropping and data breaches. Additionally, SSL certificates provide authentication, ensuring that users are connecting to the legitimate and trusted version of your website.

Our SSL Certificate Types and Features

We offer various types of SSL certificates to suit different security needs:

  1. Domain Validated (DV) Certificates: These certificates provide basic encryption and validate ownership of the domain.

  2. Organization Validated (OV) Certificates: In addition to domain validation, OV certificates authenticate the organization’s identity, enhancing trust.

  3. Extended Validation (EV) Certificates: EV certificates offer the highest level of trust and require a rigorous validation process, displaying the organization name in the address bar.

Our SSL certificates come with essential features, such as high-grade encryption, browser compatibility, and warranty coverage, ensuring robust security for your website.

Benefits of SSL Certificates for Your Website

Implementing SSL certificates for your website offers several benefits, including:

  1. Data Protection: SSL certificates encrypt sensitive data, ensuring that it remains confidential and protected from unauthorized access.

  2. Improved Trust and Credibility: SSL certificates display trust indicators, such as the padlock symbol and HTTPS, instilling confidence in your visitors and enhancing your brand reputation.

  3. Compliance with Security Standards: SSL certificates help you meet industry-specific security requirements and regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

  4. Enhanced SEO Performance: Search engines prioritize websites with SSL certificates, potentially improving your website’s search engine rankings and visibility.

Expert Team for SSL Certificate Installation and Configuration

Our team of SSL certificate experts handles the installation and configuration process with precision. We ensure a seamless setup on your website, regardless of the hosting platform or content management system (CMS) you use. With our expertise, your SSL certificate will be up and running, providing a secure browsing experience for your visitors.

SEO-Friendly SSL Certificate Implementation

We understand the importance of SEO for your website’s visibility. Our SSL certificate implementation follows SEO best practices, ensuring a smooth transition to HTTPS and maintaining your website’s search engine rankings. Our team takes care of redirects, canonical tags, and other technical aspects to ensure a seamless migration.

Seamless SSL Certificate Renewals and Support

SSL certificate renewals are essential to maintain continuous website security. Our team provides timely reminders and assistance with the renewal process, ensuring that your SSL certificate remains valid without any interruptions. Additionally, we offer ongoing support to address any queries or issues you may have regarding your SSL certificate.

Secure Your Website with Our SSL Certificate Services

Protect your website and gain the trust of your visitors with our reliable SSL certificate services. Contact us today to discuss your SSL certificate requirements and take the first step towards a secure online presence.

Personal (DV) Personal (DV) Wild Card Commercial (OV) Commercial (OV) Wild Card
Validation type
Domain Validation (DV)
Domain Validation (DV)
Company/Organization Validation (OV)
Company/Organization Validation (OV)
Verification time
Upto 1 hour
Upto 1 hour
Upto 24 hours
Upto 24 hours
Information in certificate
Domain name
Domain name
Organization & domain name
Organization & domain name
Safety Warranty
$1000 USD
$1000 USD
$2000 USD
$2000 USD
Subdomain SSL
Lock next to the web address
Encrypt traffic on your website
Blogs, Internet forums, Non-commercial websites
Blogs, Internet forums, Non-commercial websites
Online stores, Businesses, Companies & Organizations, Public admin websites
Online stores, Businesses, Companies & Organizations, Public admin websites

$10 USD/ year

$40 USD/ year

$45 USD/ year

$80 USD/ year


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